Welcome to Astra Airlines Virtual
''Astra Airlines Virtual '' is based on the real-world operating Astra Airlines. Astra Airlines Virtual was created in 2009. We are based in Thessaloniki, the second largest city, in Greece. Our aim is to engage in the flight simulation hobby, in a friendly, realistic, yet enjoyable manner.

We accept pilots from the VATSIM and IVAO networks and you can be sure that you will find a very friendly environment. You don't have to be an experienced virtual pilot to join us.

The organization simulates the real ASTRA AIRLINES operation and NOT only! You can fly real destinations of Astra Airlines, or you can have a more demanding career - fly long haul or short haul. We have a range of unique, enjoyable desinations for the pilot to enjoy! Several tours, and group flights as well as real world meetings are frequently planned around the FS skies which are online and with a lot of participation. We fly around the world, and most importantly, you choose your flight, where you want, and when you want it...


We would like to thank Astra Airlines for letting us use their real name-logo, and rights - It is much appreciated!And all these would never have happened without the help of our dear friend Anastasios Kesidis from real Astra Airlines. Tasos you are the best!!!

We would also like to thank Stamatis Partsafas for his contribution to our repaints. And of course Iosif Karakotsoglou , Antonis Kosmadakis and Antonis Manalis for their great help. They did great job in repainting.

Also we thank PHP-Mods for supporting us with everything that has to do with our site and Alexandros Zabetas, for his help with all the texts.

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Latest Flights

Flight No. Pilot Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
AZI917 Sakis Pantazis LGAV EPWA 02.45 A320-232
AZI461 George Parasidis LGSM LGIR 01.09 B737-800
AZI305 Anastasios Economopoulos LGSM LGTS 01.00 BAE 146-300
AZI304 Anastasios Economopoulos LGTS LGSM 00.54 BAE 146-300
AZI816 Anastasios Economopoulos LIML LGTS 02.00 B737-900ER